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Tailored Dreams will help you realize that you’re not a prisoner to your past, but instead, an architect of your future. As a leader in the making, this 8-day reading plan will help you allow God to style your life, tailor-made to fit your personal passions and interests, versus falling into the course that everyone else expects you to follow. In Tailored Dreams, the book by Daniel Christian Bradley, we use anecdotes and biblical examples to challenge you, and young leaders everywhere, to break free from crowds, identify and embrace your differences, and live a life steeped in God's will. I know you’re an individual with a life waiting to be tailored. Let this plan help you dream in color, and with precision, as you create a life tailored for your personal success and happiness. 

The Tailored Life

the tailored life

You are not a prisoner of your past, because God is the architect of your future. So, you have some bad habits, or have made some mistakes. You can have a restart, a second chance. How? By living a tailored life. The Tailored Life is full of illustrations that will empower readers to live their best life, through a tailored life with God. Join me in living The Tailored Life. This plan, based on the popular book Tailored Dreams, is the second plan by Author Daniel Christian Bradley and helps you live out Acts 17:28, ”In him I live, move, and have my being.” Explore how your thoughts impact the success of your dreams. This plan will provide biblical commentary that illustrates how much power our thoughts have over our ability to live a life tailored by God. This 5-day plan will give you a jump-start into understanding that if you want to live better, dream better; if you want to dream better, think better. 


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The Lord spoke one word to me in the midst of one of my hardest trials – Exemplify. God wants us to be and look like his son. Endure the pain, bless our enemies, check our attitudes and look like Jesus everyday. We may literally be the only Jesus this generation ever sees. Join me on this 5-day journey toward exemplifying Christ in our every action. You are called to be a brand ambassador for Christ. I will walk you through embracing the power that comes from exemplifying Christ in your everyday life, in other words living your Tailored Life.  

The Royal Class

dan - the author

Join us over the next four-days as we focus on being a child, and friend, of God. The Royal Class is about having VIP access to God and about having favor with the Creator of the world. As a member of God's royal class, you will receive a Friend, Comforter, Encourager, and Supporter in the Lord. 

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