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The Crock Pot Blessing

Welcome to the first installment of Real Life Rev. A friend of mine gave me the nickname “Dan in real life” after a movie with the same name. So when I got my first Instagram account I use the name @dan_n_reallife and the hashtag #n_realife to me it is a reflection of one of my favorite scriptures.


“For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory.”

Colossians 3:3-4 NLT

That means none of what we are going through on earth, in this life matters because this isn’t my real life. There an old gospel song that says “this world is not my home, I’m just a stranger” this blog will. Be written from that lens. I plan to simply offer a revelation that will spark further thought prayer and study and have. A lasting impact #n_reallife.

So in today's blog, I want to talk to you about the power of the process. Many times we find it so frustrating to have to wait for things. This generation is used to microwave results. We are used to instant gratification we're used to press a button and bang, it's there. However, with God. Oftentimes, the truly amazing things that he gives us are things that we have to wait for. There's a blessing and waiting. Because sometimes what you're waiting for becomes even greater, later.

Simply because it was allowed to marinate in the Holy Spirit. When you take the time to season what you’re cooking and let it sit still the season sets in and makes the food more flavorful. It’s just like the 46 Psalm “be still and know that I am God…” that statement is how God wants us to present our faith. With patience know that even when I am sitting still God is still moving on my behalf.

I'm so excited today to talk about the process. When we look at David and his life and we look at that, from a child, he was called, he had that anointing of the oil placed on him to be the king. But the next day, he had to attend to the sheep. He had to be a shepherd. Because that was his current position. God wants to see us honor him by being faithful and humble in our current role before he elevates us. When God blesses us he does not let us abandon our current post. He blesses us out of that space. But he intends for us to be perfectly united and focused on making where we are better, of growing where we are planted. You know the whole being faithful over a few things. So that he can make us ruler over many concept.

So, today when we think about waiting, I have a just quick revelation I want to share with you. And it's about the difference between a microwave and a crock pot.

With a microwave, we already know it's instant you press the button, and it's there, but with a crock pot if you're like me, when I first approached cooking with the crock pot. I approached it like I was still using a microwave. See I didn't understand the purpose of a crock pot, its whole purpose is to slow cook. And instead what I tried to do is place a perfectly good piece of meat into the crock pot added to broth and the seasonings and the bay leaves and everything else that was supposed to go in. And then when it came time to set the heat control it's either high or low. And of course, I chose high. And then I'm thinking, Okay, well, you know about two hours Well, that was the wrong timing. And the meat came out tough and chewy in and wasn't good the flavor wasn't robust, and I almost immediately blamed the crock pot. I said, You know what, this crock pot is useless because it can't even get this piece of meat right. And then I talked to my cousin who is a chef, and he told me the problem is not the crock pot. The problem is how you tried to use it.

When we are outside of God’s will we are doing that same thing that I did with the crock pot. We are operating outside of our intended purpose. Thus our efforts are worthless because our actions aren’t rooted in God’s will.

How do I know I’m operating the way God intended?

The first thing is that you will start to feel irritated by something, that area of frustration is where and how God reveals our purpose. We are equip with all we need to complete our purpose. The catch is that we can’t move until God says it’s time. That is to say that if you rush it, if you rush your process, you'll be just like that piece of meat, chewy and tough and not holding in the flavor that God wants you exemplify. In order to hold the position and ascend to the heights that he's taking you to you have to wait.

So my suggestion is to fall in love with the process. Learn to operate in God’s will and you will see a drastic change in the results. Those results may not always be instant, but it’s worth the wait.

There is a heaviness associated with the process, the weight of the wait that assassinates most dreams. Learning to use the Holy Spirit as your spotter is key. A spotter is a person that stands over you while you are lifting weights that is prepared to take the weight (cares) at a moments notice.

Watch this, when I used the crock pot correctly. I put it on a low heat and I allowed it to cook the meat, low and slow. And I marinated it, and I took time to tenderize the meat and I took time to then place it in the crock pot with some vegetables around it and other spices and herbs and all of types of seasoning. When I remained patient and allowed the crock pot (patience) to work perfectly it produced a far superior product. It came out to be a wonderful and tasty. Flavor filled piece of meat.

I believe that your lives will be the same. If you allow God to change you low and slow. If you allow him to elevate you low and slow. If you allow him to heal you, low and slow. And you remember that it may take a long time. As it says in Habakkuk “it may tarry, but wait for it. For end to end, so to speak, and not lie”

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