Are you ready to create your custom life? 

Tailored Dreams will help you realize that you’re not a prisoner to your past, but instead, an architect of your future. As a leader in the making, this book will help you allow God to style your life, tailor-made to fit your personal passions and interests, versus falling into the course that everyone else expects you to follow. In Tailored Dreams, I use anecdotes and biblical examples to challenge you, and young leaders everywhere, to break free from crowds, identify and embrace your differences, and live a life steeped in God's will. 

Tailored Dreams includes concepts that I've used throughout my career as a youth engagement specialist and community activist in Washington, DC. These techniques have changed the course of hundreds of youth, uprooting and shifting them from a life of generational poverty and cultural violence to academic and civic success. I know you’re an individual, with a life waiting to be tailored. Let me help you dream in color, and with precision, as you create a life tailored for your personal success and happiness.

Much love, 

Daniel Christian Bradley


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You are NOT a prisoner of your past, your past is the fabric for the tailoring of your future. . . Welcome to #TheTailoredLife
— Daniel Christian Bradley